Clean water

In locations where tidal flows persist but natural wave energy is absent, Eco Reefs, fully seeded with live oysters, serve as powerful water purifiers. Each adult oyster can filter about 50 gallons of water daily, making these reefs effective at cleansing large water bodies while also nurturing fish and mollusk populations.

reef on ocean bottom with oysters


Eco Reefs have another wonderful use besides reducing and channeling wave energy. In sheltered waterways that do not receive any wave energy, such as large-scale chains of man-made islands, there is a potential for water to not circulate enough to fully flush of the enclosed space.

In these locations that still experience a tidal flow, the Eco Reef seeded fully with live oysters has the effect of cleaning the water at an extraordinary rate. The combined effect of a colony of such oysters has the capacity to clean large bodies of water.

A secondary benefit of installing Eco Reefs in such locations is to create a sheltered nursery for fish and mollusks, increasing their numbers and creating a new source of domestic food supply and an attraction for tourists and locals.