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Shoreline Protection Technology is dedicated to safeguarding the world's coastal ecosystems while enhancing the natural beauty and resilience of our shorelines.

Our mission is to stop coastal sand erosion, expand beaches through natural accretion processes, and nurture marine environments through innovative artificial reef construction by utilizing our proprietary, patent solutions.

Shoreline Protection Technology works with governments around the world to craft sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that not only protect their coastlines but also boost tourism, increase fish stocks, and improve water quality.

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Growing Beaches Naturally

Our commitment to the environment extends to nurturing beaches through natural accretion processes.

By working with natural processes that have been shaping our planet for eternity, we replenish coastlines naturally, expanding the size of the beach and enhancing their beauty and defense of human habitats beyond it.

Enhancing Tourism

Beyond environmental conservation, our efforts elevate the tourism value of your city or state.

Pristine beaches, abundant marine life, and world-class diving destinations attract visitors and boost your economy. The effect of beach nourishment has an estimated value of 60x the cost of the process.

Improving local food supply

By implementing our artificial reef component of the solution, one of the benefits is that the quantity and biodiversity of the fish in the local ecosystem increases tremendously within the first two years.

This also has the effect of boosting locally sourced seafood quantities and promoting a clean water environment.

Stopping Sand Erosion

We've developed techniques to halt the relentless march of sand erosion caused by water currents and wind.

Our patent methods effectively safeguard coastlines, ensuring that beaches remain vibrant and thriving, by combining the best of the research conducted over the last 30 years around the world with our new designs to make these theoretical solutions into reality.

Engineered sand anti-erosion tubes

Our patent designs that prevent sand erosion due to longshore currents use minimal quantities of biodegradable plastic materials that break down after some period of time in the water. Once installed, they do the most with the least impact on the existing ecosystem.

This contrasts sharply with other solutions that require a beach to be torn up by heavy machinery just to save it temporarily, at huge expense to the municipality. Traditional beach nourishment is a process that must be repeated regularly because it fixes a symptom, not the underlying problem.

‘Smart Eco Reefs’ for Marine Life

Our other patent innovation and a key part of our system can be seen in artificial reef construction that fosters a thriving marine ecosystem while at the same time reducing and redirecting wave energy to minimize erosion by reducing longshore currents and helping to rebuild the beach naturally. These eco-safe reefs also provide habitats for numerous sea life, including artificially planted oysters that help clean the water while also attracting other species to the reef. Artificial reefs are used the world over to create thriving marine ecosystems at minimal cost.


Our team of engineers is always ready to take action to protect your precious natural resource that is your coastline!


Join us in preserving and enhancing your coastal heritage. Together, we can safeguard your shoreline, support the local economy, and nurture marine ecosystems back to health. Explore our website to learn more about our innovative solutions and contact us to start a conversation about securing a sustainable future for your coastline.


With a team of technical experts in the field, we are at the forefront of coastal protection and marine restoration.


Our solutions are designed to coexist harmoniously with the natural environment, ensuring long-term sustainability and minimal ecological impact. The objects we add to nature to improve beach quality are designed to biodegrade naturally, disappearing over time.


We work with local governments, communities, and businesses to protect the coastlines we all cherish and rely upon, while contributing to a global movement of sustainable coastal management. Business and recreation both depend on our ability to reverse man-made and natural erosion.


We believe in actively engaging with local communities and stakeholders to ensure our solutions meet the unique needs of each area.

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Expert Solutions for Erosion Problems

At Shoreline Protection Technology, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address erosion problems and protect and grow beaches impacted by water and wind erosion. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering effective solutions that meet the specific needs of government officials.

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Gene Avakyan

CEO / Co-Founder / Patent Holder

Gene Avakyan has been involved in all aspects of technical leadership and innovation for over 26 years, leading projects in Government, Entertainment, and Financial industries. Gene has architected ERP systems with over $13 Billion in total throughput.

Victoria Unikel

CMO / Co-Founder / Patent Holder

Victoria Unikel is an award-winning artist, producer, media mogul, writer and a serial entrepreneur with 25 years’ entertainment and business experience. Together with Gene Avakyan, she is co-founder of VUGA Media Group, 2 TV channels, and Edison Aerospace.

Niko Parkhomenko

CFO / Co-Founder / Patent Holder

International businessman and financier with successful background and extensive business development experience in Europe, Latin America, and USA.

David Golubchik

Legal Councel

An award-winning industry leader in the bankruptcy field, Mr. Golubchik is a graduate of the Pepperdine University School of Law . He also graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in economics and is a partner in Levene, Neale, Bender, Yoo & Golubchik L.L.P.


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